« All knowledge all discoveries belong to you by right. It is time to demand what belongs to you. »
William S. Burroughs

Welcome to the IANG web site!

IANG is a project to further the freedom idea, popularized by the free software movement and followed by artistic and technical creators. IANG is also a license allowing authors to guarantee the freedom and equity of their creations. Here is the license preamble:

The IANG license is a free license, namely it allows users not only to use, but also analyse, modify and distribute the creation to which it applies. However, it differs from most other free licenses on several points.

First, this license applies to any type of intellectual creation, whether in technical, literary or artistic field. It allows all creators, whatever their specialty, to guarantee the greatest social utility of their production.

Next, this license likewise attributes economic rights. It guarantees to everyone the freedom to access the accounting of each commercial distribution of the creation, and entrusts its economic management to those who finance it by their donations, purchases or investments.

Last, this license requires the democratic exercise of the freedoms it grants. It allows every person contributing to a creative or economic project based on the creation to participate in decisions concerning this project.

To know more about IANG, you can refer to the original web site, only in French for now, or read the license translation draft. You can also contact us for more information, or if you want to help with the translation.